LIVE: Dickinson on Latest Retiree Effort to Get COLAs Following Pension Reform

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


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Tom Dickinson

Attorney Tom Dickinson spoke with GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle on the latest legal effort from the over 70 retirees he currently represents to get their cost-of-living-adjustments after they were stripped as part of the 2011 pension reform. 

"The COLAs were taken away in 2011, then there was a lawsuit filed, and then in 2015, there was a settlement of that lawsuit. I represent clients who were not satisfied with that settlement and refused to go along with it," said Dickinson. "They were drawn into a class action against their desires and forced into the settlement and were told by the Superior Court that they were stuck with it -- and they're not happy with it -- and that's why we filed an appeal."

"It's an uphill battle -- you have to show that the settlement was not fair, that you weren't adequately represented...that there were reasons why it was inappropriate for the court to approve the settlement," said Dickinson. "What we're saying is when the General Assembly took away the cost of living adjustments, they had taken away something that had been granted to them in a contract -- and under the state, and U.S. constitutions, you can't do that."


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