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LIVE: Morgan Promises to End Tolls in “Blueprint for a Stronger Rhode Island”

Thursday, May 03, 2018


Patricia Morgan

House Minority Leader and Rhode Island Republican gubernatorial candidate Patricia Morgan joined GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle on LIVE to talk about her "Blueprint for a Stronger Rhode Island" released on Wednesday. 

Read the plan HERE

"We cannot waste any more time throwing taxpayers’ hard-earned money at out-of-touch insiders or chasing unproven ideas hoping they will help grow our economy – hope is not an economic policy," said Morgan. "We must focus on unshackling job creators, creating better futures for Rhode Islanders, and changing our business climate from hostile to helpful. The plan I put forward offers proven, researched strategies that are constructed to minimize cost and maximize the benefit to hardworking Rhode Islanders.”

Morgan spoke about the following elements of her plan, including: 

  • Ending tolls
  • Establishing an Office of the Inspector General within the Executive Branch and requiring a continuous schedule of fiscal analysis for social services to "help cut out wasteful spending, fraud and abuse"
  • Eliminating the “death tax” and the state income tax on military pensions.
  • Repurposing Commerce Rhode Island from the corporate model it currently uses and establishing three additional State Business Parks (Quonset North, Quonset East bay and Quonset South) to advocate for local businesses and to help bring more jobs and better jobs to our Ocean State.
  • Strengthening the connections between career and technical high schools, employers, and CCRI, beginning grant programs for employer-based apprenticeships, and offering tax credits for companies that offer college loan and repayment programs to combat “brain drain” and to keep college graduates in Rhode Island. 
  • Ending the practice of “scoops” – a one-time revenue from ratepayers.

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Gina Raimondo’s Q1 Campaign Finance Report is 477 Pages.

Her Democratic primary opponent Matt Brown’s campaign finance report is 38 pages.

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung's is 171 pages and House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan's is 68 pages.

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Democrats for Fung?

Long-time Silver Lake Democrat Vincent Igliozzi donated $75 to Fung.

And, his son, former Democratic candidate for Mayor of Providence David Igliozzi donated $125 to Fung.

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East Side Influence - 02906

Raimondo over the years has received over a million in donations ($940,269.50) and loans ($150,000 from Raimondo) in total from the Providence East Side zip code 02906.

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VIDEO: GOP Tracks Down Raimondo Outside of an NYC Fundraiser.

GOP camera person (unidentified) tracked down Governor Gina Raimondo as she was entering an NYC fundraiser, which the RI GOP pounced on Monday night. 

"While Raimondo has plenty of time to jet around the country to meet with donors to bolster her struggling re-election campaign, she refuses to find the time to fix the DCYF’s problems, ignoring children under state care who have been abused and neglected. Since Rhode Island’s at-risk youth can’t afford to attend her fancy fundraisers, they apparently can’t count on Raimondo to address their issues," charges the RIGOP.

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Donation From Furthest Away

Distance from Providence to Hong Kong: 7,981 miles

John Kearns donated $250 to Matt Brown --while his home address is in NY, his work address in Hong Kong.

Employer Name: Silkroad Property Partners Limited

20/F Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road

Central Hong Kong

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Fundraising for the Quarter

Gina Raimondo: $1,340,851.49

Allan Fung: $191,557

Patricia Morgan: $101,111 ($76,111 individuals and $25,000 loan)

Matt Brown. $57,020

Paul Roselli: $2,637

Giovanni Feroce $500

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Cash on Hand

Gina Raimondo: $ 4,333,144.49

Allan Fung: $315,826.85

Patricia Morgan: $185,054.34

Matt Brown: $25,146.43

Paul Roselli: $1,570.38

Giovanni Feroce: $500

Editor's note: A previous version had Fung at $270K; his campaign is now at $315K

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Expenses for Q1

Gina Raimondo: $351,656.04

Allan Fung: $116,055.85

Patricia Morgan: $33,396.09

Matt Brown $31,873.57

Paul Roselli: $2,471.65

Giovanni Feroce: $0

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Bob Murray, former Chief of Staff to Governor Ed DiPrete gave $1,000 to Allan Fung.

Today, Murray is a partner at Taft & McSally.

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John and Laura Arnold continued their giving to the Raimondo campaign.  The two combined for $2,000.

The former ENRON executive made billions and now he is dubbed, "The Most Hated Man in Pensionland," according to Governing magazine.

He was famously featured in Matt Taibbi's scathing look at Raimondo in 2013, "Looting the Pension Funds."

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Who Didn’t Donate to Fung in Q1?

Anyone with last name Chafee.

Nor former GOP Governors Lincoln Almond or Don Carcieri.

Nor, GOP candidate for Congress Brendan Doherty.

Nor, GOP Chair Brandon Bell.

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Raimondo - Developers, Developers, and More Developers

Freddie Carpionato, Paul Choquette, David Corsetti, Buff Chace, Brad Dimeo, Tom Gilbane and a slew of others all made $1,000 donations to Raimondo.

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HOLLYWOOD - Cranston Style

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung received $500 from Michael Corrente, who produced Federal Hill and $25 from Tony Lepore, the Dancing Cop.

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GOP for Raimondo?

Malcolm Farmer, the former Republican member of the Providence City Council and husband of the late Susan Farmer, gave Raimondo $1,000.

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Mega CEO

Former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer donated  $1,000 to Raimondo. He is now the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Silicon Valley and Hollywood

Since first running for General Treasurer, Raimondo has raised $761,173.60 in California.

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Wall Street

New York has been good to Raimondo over the years. As General Treasurer and Governor, Raimondo has raised $1,667,064.48 in the Empire State.

In contrast, in multiple runs for City Council, Mayor and two runs for Governor, Allan Fung has raised $2,193,160.79 from individuals over nearly 20 years.

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Gina Factor

Gina Raimondo has raised $5,250 from four donors with the first name Gina. Robins, Dodd, Boswell, and Jorasch.

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PAC Donations for Q1

Gina Raimondo: $10,800

Allan Fund: $2,750

Patricia Morgan: $0

Matt Brown Brown: $0

Giovanni Feroce: $0

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Trillo - Not Fundraising

With the first-quarter campaign reporting deadline over, independent candidate Joe Trillo explained his early filing to the state Board of Elections, reporting that he raised $6,825.00 during the quarter.  

“I am not actively out in the community raising money because, unlike all of my opponents, I have no intention of being beholden to any special interest groups or individuals who offer me large contributions,” said Trillo.

“While I am receiving donations and greatly appreciate all of the money that has been donated to my campaign, I have decided to fund the majority of the campaign myself.  This is a testament to how confident I am that I have enough money to run a successful and victorious campaign,” he added.


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