President Donald Trump's speech from the White House

VIDEO: Langevin and Cicilline Reject Trump’s Proposal on Ending the Shutdown

On Saturday night, President Donald Trump offered a new plan to end the government shutdown. Trump in a White House video… Read More

Raimondo's budget

EDITORIAL: Raimondo’s Budget - A Tax on Middle-Class Life

Governor Gina Raimondo’s 2020 Fiscal Year budget is the type of governing Rhode Islanders hate the most. It mixes a… Read More

Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? - January 18, 2019

Every Friday, GoLocalProv takes a look at who is rising and who is falling in Rhode Island politics, business, culture, and… Read More

Donald Trump

New Poll Shows Millennials Don’t Like Trump or Twitter

President Donald Trump, his Twitter habit, and Twitter, in general, are not well liked among millennials, according to a new… Read More

Joseph McNamara

Guest MINDSETTER™ Rep. McNamara: Addressing Absenteeism in RI

We’ve all heard or read a lot lately about the state of education in Rhode Island. The recent round of RICAS (Rhode… Read More

Gayle Goldin

Senator Goldin Appointed Senate Deputy Majority Whip

State Senator Gayle Goldin has been named deputy majority whip of the Senate by Senate President Dominick Ruggerio.… Read More

Rep. Marcia Ranglin Vassell

Bishop: Who is The Twit Here?

I have exactly zero interest in Twitter, but that’s to be expected in someone who counts paragraphs, not characters. So… Read More

Governor Gina Raimondo 2019 State of the State

Raimondo Sets Forth Her Legacy as Governor —  Free College and Legalized Marijuana

On Tuesday night, Governor Gina Raimondo made, arguably, the second most important speech of her political career. Her State… Read More

READ Raimondo’s State of the State Speech - January 15, 2019

The following is Governor Gina Raimondo's State of the State speech.… Read More

The debate over marijuana legislation continues

Guest MINDSETTER™ Broadmeadow: Marijuana Debate & the History of Crime

In the debate over marijuana legalization, which is like arguing over last year’s Superbowl, whether the motivation is… Read More

Governor Gina Raimondo

PHOTOS: State of the State 2019

Governor Gina Raimondo gave her 2019 State of the State address on Tuesday night at the Rhode Island State House.… Read More

Andy Moffit and Governor Gina Raimondo

Raimondo’s Office Says Gov’s Husband Has “No” Interest in Any Marijuana Businesses

Rumors have been swirling for months that Governor Gina Raimondo’s husband, First Gentleman Andrew Moffit, has business… Read More

Donald Trump

Horowitz: Americans Blame President Trump for Shutdown

Recently completed national polls confirm that by substantial percentages more Americans blame President Trump for the… Read More

Governor Gina Raimondo's big initiative for her 2nd term is legalization

Raimondo Out of Budget Ideas? Gov. Proposing Legalization of Marijuana in RI

You can’t call it a complete flip-flop, but previously Governor Gina Raimondo both in the 2018 gubernatorial debates,… Read More

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Guest MINDSETTER™ Hinckley: A Test for Whitehouse - Environment or Political Expediency

Senator Whitehouse has staked his political career on the fight against global warming, taking on private companies,… Read More

Mark Curtis

When the White House Becomes a Prison—Sunday Political Brunch January 13, 2019

Three weeks into a partial government shutdown and there appears no end in sight. I predicted early on that President Trump… Read More


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