Hodgson Blasts Kilmartin For Breaking Crime Lab Promise

Monday, October 20, 2014


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Republican candidate for Attorney General candidate Dawson Hodgson has called out incumbent Peter Kilmartin on his approach to prosecuting gun crimes in Rhode Island.

“He’s putting our residents at risk,” Hodgson said, adding, "This is America not a war zone. It is unacceptable for parents anywhere in RI to have to raise their children to the sound of gunfire in the streets.”  

The state crime lab, responsible for conducting firearms examinations in all firearms cases, has a backlog of over one year.

The Crime Lab's request for a portion of the Google settlement fund under the Attorney General’s control was denied.

Read the Commission minutes here.

"Gang shootings are ruining quality of life for good people in our urban communities" said Hodgson. "Swiftly and effectively prosecuting gun crimes is a cornerstone of any progress here.  Peter's inattentiveness to such an important issue doesn't just break his core campaign promise, it dilutes the justice system and puts our citizens in danger."

Hodgson concluded, "It’s time for a chief prosecutor in Rhode Island who understands what the criminal justice system needs and who is willing to do the work to fix it.  Instead, we have Peter Kilmartin, a 24 year politician who has never prosecuted a felony case, and will say anything to get elected.  We can't afford Peter's focus on perks, patronage and public relations in the best of times, but it's especially galling when the justice system is crumbling around him."


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